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As well as working on projects for visual display, when possible we also love to incorporate our work into editorial. Using wig making techniques not used by anyone else in the fashion industry, giving a different approach to what can be achieved with hair. We really enjoy creating over the top styles which almost look like they have been copy and pasted into the images. Sam, our creative director, works closely with photography duo turned husband and wife, Tom and Denelle Ellis (amarriedcouple)  &team, creating stories heavily inspired by the 60s, 70s and 80s, and has seen us working on projects in collaboration with Polaroid Originals and Stranger things TV.  Our work has been featured by Hunger magazine, Polaroid Originals, Limonata mag & Beast magazine. Below you will also find the projects we have worked on, and a few projects we have worked on in collaboration with Haris Nukem.

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