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Peluca Studio is a bespoke wig and makeup studio specialising in hand made hard cap wigs and expertly painted makeups for mannequins within the Visual Display industry. Launched in February 2019 under the brand sambeadlehair, peluca quickly became one of the leading studios of it’s kind in Europe, supplying to the top mannequin companies and department stores such as Hans Boodt Mannequins, Bonavari Italy, More Mannequins,  VM central South Africa, Selfridges & co and Woolworths South Africa to name a few.


What really sets Peluca aside from the rest is our attention to small details that can often get overlooked. Headed by our creative director, Sam Beadle, who has 10 years experience within the hair industry, he oversees every project that we do from design, to production and goes through every brief with a fine toothed comb. Our aim at peluca, is to move forward an almost forgotten part of the visual display industry, but with a young and fresh approach, to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with hair and makeup on mannequins. 


Key recnt projects include the re-design of wigs and makeup for the iconic Adel Rootstein Twiggy mannequin & the Opulent pastel coloured Ostrich feather afros for Bonavari Italy and the designing of wigs and makeup for Hans Boodts Muse collection using 6 different colours blended together to create a mother of pearl illusion of colour in varying styles, the design of multiple wig styles for Hans Boodts new 3D printed Untitled collection, creating an array of afro focused styles.

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